QLER Consulting

QLER Consulting is a physician-led consulting team with broad experience serving physician group practices, community based hospital systems, and academic medical centers in the areas of physician documentation, clinical case management, appropriate resource utilization, proper assignment of billing status, length of stay optimization, denials and appeals, and accountability modeling. Our approach focuses on leading practices that will serve clients well now and in the evolving healthcare environment.

Qler counseling services

A QLER belief…

We believe that the key to success is building a strong partnership between physicians, non-physician clinical staff, and administrative leaders. We accomplish this through active engagement of physicians, creating strong physician-administrative relationships dedicated to effective, efficient, impactful improvements that are endorsed by both physician and nursing governance. We approach each client with an open mind and without predisposition. Each client is different and we tailor our solutions to meet the needs we hear. What differentiates us? Our projects are led by clinicians that walk in the very shoes our clients wear every day. Our ability to speak and listen as colleagues and peers allows us to deeply understand the problem and recommend the best practical solution that will produce measurable results.